Parents Cait's possible floor music and a meet video

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It is obviously not official until the choreographer (Dominic Zito) says it is official but as of last night this became the front runner.. I am sure you have all heard this song before but this version is pretty cool....

She gets her routine next Wed at 2:30... She is excited..

YouTube - Vanessa Mae - Cotton Eye Joe


P.S. Here is Cait's floor routine from her level 6 meet a few weeks ago. I have not gotten any good editing software yet so what you see is what ya get....

YouTube - Cait Floor Routine - Elite Classic - Mentor, Ohio - 10.25.09
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I love it! Too funny though, this was one that my dd mentioned for whenever she becomes optional (won't be until at least next year). Great minds think alike, lol. Anyway - good luck to Cait on next wed. I know that she will really have fun with this music!
Beth would LOVE that song! Cotton Eyed Joe is one of her favorites.
Great video! Cait did terrific. She is so clean in her gymnastics. I also love the "possible" music. It is a really fun choice. I hope you guys have a blast on Wednesday!
Great job Cait! I love the music selection! Should be an easy one to rubber stamp, it's very upbeat.
Oh that floor music is going to be perfect for Cait, she's such a live wire. She really did awonderful job with her L6 floor routine, expecially as she was only going to compete it once.
Great job on the floor routine! She looks very ready for level 7! Love the music! Fun!!! Can't wait to see the routine!
Her L6 floor routine was great!!! Can't wait to see her L7 routine!!! Love her choice of music! She's gonna rock L7!!!:D
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