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  1. A

    WAG How Do You Know What Deductions Were Given?

    My daughter had her first competitive meet recently (Xcel Bronze). She did well (35.3) and I am proud if her, but was curious if there is any way to learn which deductions she had on each apparatus? She just got a number score for each.
  2. JBS

    WAG Featured Quiz: What's the Deduction?

    Think you’re an expert on USAG women’s gymnastics deductions? Take our quiz and find out...
  3. T

    For Parents Level 7 bar deduction??

    Is there a deduction in level 7 bar routine if you do a roundy round (you may have different name?) after squat on when jumping to the high bar? Can’t find it anywhere online and my daughter’s trying to perfect her routine for state. Bars is her strength but she’s always hated that squat on by...
  4. helllllooooooooo

    WAG Which skill is more likely to obtain deductions?

    A side aerial or a front tuck??
  5. F

    WAG L9 overshoot vs. overshoot to handstand (potential deductions?)

    My daughter is getting frustrated and needs a high to low bar release. She is working on the overshoot to handstand. I want to suggest to her that she try a B skill overshoot until she can safely catch her handstand. I just want to give her advise to help relieve the pressure... She has strong...
  6. I

    WAG Full turn deductions

    Hi, I’m trying to level out of 5 this summer. I’m having trouble on my full turn on the beam. Is it a deduction to step backwards out of a full turn? If so how much will judges deduct? And what is the point value of a full turn?
  7. P

    WAG Deductions...

    So my sister and I are trying to figure out where her deductions were taken on her level five floor routine. I took a video of it, and her tumbling was pretty solid, yet she still scored an 8.3. Throughout level four she was an average scorer too, but normally the 8.7-8.9 range. She went first...
  8. K

    For Parents Bar deduction L5

    Hi, Does anyone know what the deduction is for JO L5 for an extra cast before the squat on? My daughter falls a lot if she doesn't take a quick cast after the push away kip when doing the squat on to the high bar.
  9. Whatsupbri

    WAG XG door deductions?

    XG floor routine what’s the dedcuctions scored 9.35 need of help finding what I need wrong
  10. C

    WAG XP Floor Routine Deductions?

    My DD is competing Xcel platinum with the hopes of moving over to level 7 next year. She was originally heading to level 5, but our compulsory gymnast moved to xcel due to the season being cancelled. One of the events she’s struggled with is floor, she usually scores between a 8.9 and 9.1...
  11. Edogsdad

    WAG Level 7 bars deduction

    My daughter keeps landing off the end of the landing mat after her flyaway dismount on bars in competition. Does anyone know what the deduction is for this?
  12. C

    WAG Deduction for coach on floor

    Hello My daughter is competing level 4 this season and recently has started only doing her double back handspring with a coach on the floor near her. In level 4 what is the deduction if a coach comes onto the floor but doesn’t touch you? FWIW her double bhs is beautiful but she has a block...
  13. T

    For Parents Compulsory Skill Deduction Chart

    A while back someone on here posted some links to PDFs that detailed the code of points for all the compulsory routines. Does anyone have the links? Thanks!
  14. H

    WAG Floor & Bars Deductions

    I'm an Xcel Gold gymnast, and I've noticed this season that my scores have been consistently lower than I'd like them to be. Vault has never been good for me and beam has been a disaster this year because of nerves, so I know what I need to fix on those, but floor & bars are sort of a mystery to...
  15. Ginger

    WAG Level 7 beam - deduction for missing acro connection?

    I think the title says it all. More details, my DD's acro series is CW-RO. This past meet, she had a big balanced check after CW, then another big balance check after RO. So my guess is, the deduction for these two balance checks was around 0.5 total, but then another deduction was added for...
  16. andrea121477

    WAG Beam deductions during fall

    Hello! My daughter is a level 6 gymnast. If she falls after her back handspring and grabs the beam on the way down, is that an extra deduction? Or just the .5 for the fall plus any form/amplitude deductions?
  17. N

    WAG Need help to fix a hypo extended knee to avoid deductions! Thank you...

    Hey guys, I get deducted for that my knees aren’t straight. But my problem is that when I fully straighten it, it seems bent. I think this is called a hypo extention? Anyways, does somebody have a stretching exercice, or any other method to help me? Thank you very much for a response! :);)
  18. S

    WAG Artistry Deductions in Bronze?

    I remember that there used to not be artistry deduction in Bronze, but then I heard talk of adding one being added but didn't know if it had ever happened or was just talk.
  19. S

    WAG Level 6 acro series - Deductions

    I have twin girls, both competing Level 6 and both struggling to overcome back tumbling mental blocks. They competed Platinum last season without back tumbling in their floor routines. They are doing the same series in their Level 6 routines, but with added back element at the end of the series...
  20. G

    WAG Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    I have my first EVER gymnastics competition (I will be competing level 8) in about 2.5 weeks. Can anyone watch this video of my roundoff back handspring back tuck and tell me what deductions I might receive for it and any tips on correcting my mistakes? This video was taken on my first day of...