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  1. M

    WAG Platinum dismounts

    Hi, I know the flyaway is the most common platinum bar dismount, but what other dismounts are ok at this level? Thank you!
  2. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Proper way to remove low bar for dismounts

    We used to do this years ago by using a cargo strap to connect the low bar posts to keep the set of bars stable. Can someone refresh my memory as to how to do this properly (ie: where to attach the cargo strap and any other suggestions to progress a dismount to the actual bars)?
  3. G

    WAG Level 10 Beam Dismounts

    Current skill value of beam dismounts: (think they have been changed in last few years). All off from end of beam: Gainer tuck Gainer pike Gainer layout Gainer full
  4. A

    WAG Uneven Bars dismounts

    Our first meet is coming up next weekend and we have several girls who just can’t seem to get the skills they need to meet the requirements for their level. Before you ask why the girls simply don’t compete at a lower level, I am going to say that decision is made by the gym owners and not us...
  5. Q

    WAG A Beam Dismounts

    I'm an adult gymnast who's going to be competing NAIGC level 6 this year--it's my first time ever competing in any sport, let alone gymnastics. The program at my gym is very self-guided and self-coached, which includes coming up with routine compositions. I've been scouring YouTube on beam...
  6. J

    WAG xcel dismounts!

    I have a fairly important meet coming up (xcel silver) and want to spice up my bar routine and do a different dismout. Currentley i have a back hip circle underswing, so any suggestions?
  7. W

    WAG Basic beam dismounts

    Say CW/BT or FT. Is there much of a difference difficulty-wise between them? Does one lead to higher skills more than another? What is most commonly seen at 6/7? What do 8's usually do?
  8. I

    WAG other bar dismounts than flyaway? Butt Bounce?

    I was just wondering if there are or maybe you know any different bar dismounts besides the regular under swing (with or without twists) and flyaway (tuck or layout), that are not too hard to learn? Doesn't matter if valuable by JO or not. I like how flyways look, but I sometimes wish there was...
  9. W

    WAG Double back dismounts off beam

    What is a double back anything dismount off beam worth or what level is it? Does it matter if it is a tuck, pike, et cetera. I know there are A, B, C, et cetera skills, but I don't have a list.
  10. F

    WAG flyaway dismounts

    Hi all: How do you determine if a flyaway is "at or above" the bar? I know that a good flyaway has height, but I'm not familiar with the specifics of what (ie. which body parts) have to be above the bar during this dismount? Any insight would be appreciated - thanks.
  11. Katie123

    WAG Bars dismounts

    Hey:) so as i posted a little while back, i dislocated my elbow doing my dismount on bars :/ sucks but oh well anyway my dismount i did it on was a double twisting backaway (i think its called a flyaway in the US but not 100% sure) i was wondering what different types of dismounts people can...
  12. J

    WAG Mats sliding when landing bar dismounts

    I have noticed recently at a few meets that the mats sometimes slide out under girls when they dismount bars (Level 7- Level 10). Why isn't it required for the host gym to provide a non-skid liner between mats? It seems a little unsafe and it can be unsettling to watch. I feel like the...
  13. gymgal

    WAG difference between front aerial and layout dismounts?

    dd is likely doing a front aerial dismount on beam this season (L7). I asked her the difference between this and a layout but she couldn't explain - or I should say that I couldn't visualize what she was saying... Can anyone help me understand the difference? and is this a typical dismount for...
  14. V

    Dismounts Out of Giant Swings/ Layout Shape

    Another question coming from DD: why do most girls do layouts out of giant swings instead of tucked flyaways? Unlike on floor, there doesn't seem to be a requirement in L7/8 bars for a layout. Does a layout control the swing more? Do most girls find it easier to do the layout? Also, Mr...
  15. G

    Beam Dismounts

    In a round-off back handspring back tuck dismount on beam, if the gymnast lands incorrectly (like if one foot sort of slips off) should the gymnast be encouraged to complete the dismount, or to stop for safety reasons? I see, a lot of times, the landings get really messed up if they try to keep...
  16. L

    level 9 beam dismounts!

    im a level 9 this year and i dont really have a dismount! i cant do back or front fulls but i need a B element for dismount help!!
  17. A

    WAG What are level 9 beam dismounts?

    Hello Everyone, My daughter is a level 9 gymnasts who has suddenly gotten a fear of doing her roundoff full beam dismount. Would a front layout dismount get her a 10.00 SV as long as she has everything else she needs including her bonus combinations? Or would that also have to twist? Thank you
  18. A

    Level 8 Beam Dismounts

    Can you have your acro series in your dismount? BHS BHS Layout dismount.
  19. A

    For Parents Level 8 dismounts

    Are you allowed to add your acro series into your dismount. My daughter is wanting to do a bhs bhs layout as a dismount?
  20. A

    Double full dismounts

    I've been working on a double full dismount off of highbar for state next week. i've had a nice and consistent full for quite awhile now. Whenever i try to add the extra twist however, i over-rotate to my back. my coach has told me to wait to start the twist. whenever i wait on twisting i end up...