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  1. e'smum

    WAG level 6 bars dismount question

    so i don't know if my dd has had a growth spurt or what but she is having issues with landing her bars dismount/flyaway. when she first learned this past summer she was doing a tuck flyaway but her coach wanted them to do layout flyaways and she finally got it but had issues with landing it vs...
  2. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Level 6 dismount beam

    Quick question to you all awesome people out there :) My dd does hurdle cartwheel back tuck. With no pause. I see some that does step, step, cartwheel back tuck. Any difference on scoring?
  3. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Dismount

    For level 6. My dd have her bwo bt dismount pretty good. But coach decided to make her do cartwheel bt. Is there any advantage or disadvantage?
  4. kitkat

    Full Out dismount :)

    Nice way to end summer training - getting her full out dismount on bars. So funny how some skills come easier and then some seem like they take forever... Full in - nope that didn't work, Double layout - nope couldn't get that either. I thought it was going to be a double back...
  5. flipnastic

    Parents Level 2 bar dismount

    just curious of the reasons coaches will choose to do one dismount as appears to the other...originally, the girls were working on the feet on the bar/shoot off (excuse my lack of knowledge of terms! Lol) they have changed the dismount they are doing to a cast->hips on the bar->shoot off. Is...
  6. B

    Coaches Gainer Dismount End of Beam

    I am seeking some fresh ideas on teaching the gainer dismount off the end of the beam (tuck or pike). All tips/ Drills greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. P

    WAG Is a cast off to stand dismount on bars considered one skill or two?

    I fear we are one skill short in our Xcel Bronze bar routine based on scores in our last two meets. Can anyone definitively tell me if a cast off to stand dismount is considered one skill or two (cast + dismount)? I believe I have seen it iterpreted differently by different judges. Thanks in...
  8. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Dismount for Xcel gold? Need help fast!!!

    I have been falling when doing the punch front dismount off beam. I noticed a few other people doing round-off"s and since I have a meet in just two short days, was wondering if there is a deduction for competing a round-off as a dismount for Xcel gold. Thanks!
  9. L

    WAG Bar Dismount Value

    What is a double pike bar dismount in JO? C or D?
  10. profmom

    MAG pbars dismount question

    DS is working on his layout 1/2 dismount for pbars and it's coming along well. His coach says, however, that he wants him to do a double back. My understanding is that both are Bs and thus fulfill that requirement for L8. Because it's the weekend and I can't ask his coach, I ask you all: Is the...
  11. All Chalked Up

    WAG Aerial full beam dismount

    Coach wants me to compete an aerial full dismount off beam in level 8 or 9. What is the skill worth (A, B?), and does anyone have a video? I can't find one, and I'm a kid who needs to see it before they do it. Thanks for the help!
  12. coachmolly

    Coaches Sole Circle Dismount

    The sole circle dismount is the Xcel dismount of choice in my gym, and one I am not super familiar with teaching. My current group is sort of a mixed bag as far as the skill goes- 1/3 can do it quite well but with lots of form issues (fixable), 1/3 can do it decently with nice form but no rise...
  13. M

    WAG Level 10 C dismount on beam

    We've had 3 girls in the past year tear their ACL and menicus in landing their twisting skills. This does not seem uncommon either as we've heard many sustain these injuries doing similar twisting skills. My daughter has decided she is removing her tumbling pass with a twisting skill. So she...
  14. I

    WAG have you got a video of this bar dismount? What is the value?

    Been to a meet yesterday. I am obsessed with stalders, like, really obsessed. So I saw a dismount of a girl, that I have never seen before! Here is what she did: Starting on Low Bar: Kip – Straddle Cast Handstand – Stalder Handstand – Sole Circle – Jump to High Bar – ½ Turn Kip (so she is...
  15. tegan_tegan

    Beam dismount value;which would be better?

    For 3 years I have been doing/learning round off back tuck, layout and twisting as my dismount on beam and then my coach since I have had since level 3 (I am now level 8) has left to go coach at a different gym. So we got a new coach and he started teaching me front tuck full dismount off beam...
  16. C

    WAG Front Tuck Dismount on the side of the beam vs Gainor

    I need a dismount on beam for some of my girls who will soon be L7s. Most do the regular CW BT. Round-Offs not quiet there yet. I have two girls who just don't get it, they always fall on their cartwheel. We thought about maybe aerial of FH at the end of the beam. But there is one thing I...
  17. E

    WAG C beam dismount ideas?

    By the way, twisting is not generally my thing... I did round off half dismount fine but just can't seem to get it around to do a full, let alone 1 1/2... Also front dismounts weren't really my thing either. Any ideas? *My excuse is that I LOVE beam so much that I just do NOT want to get off...
  18. Ginger

    WAG L4 bars - half-turn dismount - R x L?

    So my daughter is a righty gymnast, but when she does this dismount, she turns to the left (meaning, her left hand stays on the bar, her right hand goes off and taps). I watched a few youtube videos and it looks like that the righty gymnasts always turn to the right (makes sense as their right...
  19. momto8in10

    Parents Level 6 Beam Dismount

    I understand that there aren't points added or taken away for difficulty; but what is the skill level difference in beam dismounts? For that matter, what are the options? Front tuck, cartwheel/back tuck and backwalkover/back tuck? Which is considered the most difficult/advanced? Just looking for...
  20. Aero

    WAG Standing double back tuck beam dismount?

    I was thinking "what if?" about this earlier and I wanted to get some community advice to satisfy my curiosity. The idea is performing a standing double backward tucked somersault off the end of the beam as a dismount. Perhaps some of the knowledgeable people on here can enlighten me. My...