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  1. A

    Tiger Paws vs Golden Hands vs ?

    Hi everyone! I am looking into wrist supports because my right wrist gets really tender when I tumble (I'm a 22 year old average sized person, I shouldn't be surprised!) but I'm not sure what to buy. Of course I've heard of Tiger Paws and I know they do have the option of buying just one...
  2. H

    Advise w/DD's hands

    My dd is 7 and a L4. She has had a lot of trouble lately with callouses and open areas on hands. We've been doing the vaseline and socks at night, as recommended by our owner/HC, but it doesn't take much for them to open back up. I know that the kids kind of have to do this and build up good...
  3. sally

    advice needed on dd hands

    Hi just wondering if anybody could give me some advice on what to do about my dd hands. Today she came home in tears (never seen her this upset). I was told that she had to keep doing her chin ups as she kept slipping off the bar. When I looked at them there was heaps of blisters on them. I...
  4. S

    sweaty feet and hands

    My daughter has sweaty feet and hands and I beleive this is hindering her from doing her skills. Sometimes on vault she almost slids off and this scares her alot.Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate anything.
  5. S

    How are hands placed on backhandsprings on beam?

    We have had many opinions on this in the gym--- how do you, as a gymnast or coach, have your gymnasts place their hands on their back handsprings on beam? I'm not a fan of hands on top of each other, or just thumbs on the beam. Our head coach thinks if your LEFT foot is in front (and landing...
  6. Z

    How to toughen up hands without ripping

    Hi all, I'm just a beginner adult gymnast, but it seems like I get rips really easily - 2 rips on my first time on bars and I was only doing pullovers and cast-BHC. I've also had rips in the past just by swinging across the monkey bars at the park, so I'm wondering - how do I start toughening...
  7. K

    Tips for hands(Front & Back tuck)

    Hi, I'm looking for tips on what to do with my hands while doing Front & Back tuck off trampoline. When I'm doing front tuck I: try to get really high and set at the top of my jump, pull in fast as I begin to rotate; but then I always end up putting my hands down. I think it probably started...
  8. G

    switching your hands during glid kip ?

    I just stared the glide kip a little while ago and its getting there i just need to get my hand on top of the bar !!!! I just can,t seem to get them on top of the bars soon enough to kip up ? everything ells is pretty much set! Is there any drills to help pop get my hands on top of the...
  9. L

    Wash those hands!

    Hi! I don't post often but I wanted to let everyone know how important it is to WASH YOUR HANDS! Just saying half the people at my gym and school are out sick. For all of those team members be careful not to share anything!We all know being sick sucks and might mean skipping some meets which is...
  10. gymgirl:)

    My hands!

    What's wrong with my hands?? They never ever rip!!! Even after I do bars for a really long time I still never rip!! It's really weird!! My hands just get really sore and only occasionally get callouses. I was talking to my friend about it and then this other girl on my team who I really don't...
  11. S

    Golden Hands or Tiger Paws?

    For those of you that have used wrist supports, which do you recommend-- Tiger Paws or Golden Hands? I am looking to get some and am not sure which one is better. :confused:
  12. sgnsp235

    Crusty, rusty, tough, hands

    Hey guys How do u feel about ur hands?? Im proud of my ripped calloused rough hands in gym, but when i shake/hold other people's hands and their hand is softer than mine (especially when its a guy), I get kind of embarrased. My friends are used of it by now, and they always joke about it, but i...
  13. M

    Coaches Help for her hands!!!

    My dd is training alot of giants, clear hips etc, and her hands are on fire after she is done! She does not have a rip, but the calluses are huge, and I am afraid she will have one soon. Any tips on how to deal with calluses would be helpful too! Thanks in advance :)
  14. M

    Parents Help for her hands!!!

    My dd is training alot of giants, clear hips etc, and her hands are on fire after she is done! She does not have a rip, but the calluses are huge, and I am afraid she will have one soon. Any tips on how to deal with calluses would be helpful too! I am going to post this in the coaches area as...
  15. gymjourneymom

    Tiger paws vs Golden Hands wrist supports?

    I'm actually posting this for a friend at our gym...her DD(level 7 training 8) has been to hand specialist & is in PT. She knows of the 'whole wrist supports leading to weak wrist' theory. But after much evaluation & discussion....wrist supports are what have been recommended for her DD. Now the...
  16. C

    Coaches Gymnasts sweaty hands and feet

    On our team we have a gymnast who has EXTREMELY sweaty hands and feet. It is so bad that if she stands on the mat in one place to long she leaves a puddle. The problem is on bars. We always have her put chalk on before her turn and even sometimes in the middle of her turn but after doing one...
  17. xstitchcarina

    Parents dd's roll on beam without hands video

    I quickly made a little film of her doing a few rolls and summersaults on vault just now. So I will see if I can remember how to put it right in this post. It is a shame I didn't get her cartwheel this time, but she can do that on beam too. She started learning that last Summer, when we trained...
  18. G

    Need Advice for Sweaty Hands and Feet!

    Any ideas?
  19. G

    OT Grips for tiny hands

    Looking for any help in picking out a brand of grips for my daughter and friends. My daughter is starting her second year level 5 and has been told that they need grips in two weeks. She just turned 7 years old and has little hands. My older daughter didn't have to have grips until she went...