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  1. Gymbletot

    For Parents Split jump

    My 6 year old is currently very into the idea of doing split jumps. I assume because they've been working on them in the gym. Having watched her leaping around on the trampoline and on her little beam, I'm just curious about the different mechanics between doing it on the trampoline vs off the...
  2. C

    WAG Pike Jump on beam

    Is a pike jump a B in level 8?
  3. JBS

    OT Is that a nuclear power plant behind the big air ski jump at the Olympics?

    Guess I'm not the only one asking... https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/08/asia/ski-jump-winter-olympics-beijing-climate-hnk-intl/index.html
  4. J

    WAG Level 7&8 Beam Jump/Leaps

    How does the scoring work for level 7&8 for jumps and leaps on beam. I think (?) there is a requirement for a 180 jump or leap. What if it is close to 180, but not quite? Say 160-170. Do you not get credit for the requirement and lose a lot of points? Or just get deducted a little for not...
  5. G

    WAG Improving split jump beam

    Can someone please help with improving split jump on beam? It's not flexibility, my daughter can do past 180 splits. She needs help with how to get more power, etc to allow her the time to get to a full split on the beam. Any technique tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. starzgymnastics

    Gymnastics Coach (Tumbling & Trampoline) and Fun Jump/Party Supervisor

    Description: As a team member with Starz Gymnastics and Trampoline Fun Center, you will have the opportunity to work in Amarillo’s most exciting tumbling and trampoline gymnastics (recreational/competitive) facility. You will primarily be responsible for coaching our recreational tumbling and...
  7. F

    WAG Jump to high bar

    When kids start jumping to the high bar, is the bar placement based on the kid's height or do they just try to get them all jumping from one or two settings regardless of height? My dd is super small and it's the first skill I've been nervous about. I have seen how much work goes into changing...
  8. T

    For Coaches Tuck jump 1/2 sideways & other question

    I have a Platinum gymnast who is struggling with finding a B in her beam routine. At this moment, we are not completely confident that her split leap will get B credit so we are trying to add a backup B to her routine. We’ve settled on a tuck jump 1/2, but my gymnast prefers doing it sideways...
  9. C

    For Coaches How to Teach Kids to Run and Jump Properly?

    How do you teach your gymnast to run and jump using their toes/pushing through their ankles and toes? I have one particularly bad case, but a handful of team girls, that for the life of them, cannot run on their toes or jump pushing through their toes. This obviously causes major problems with...
  10. T

    Newbie from germany - help at pbars somersault dismount & floor Jump bwd. with ½ t. to roll fwd

    Hey guys, I'm a 23 years old gymnast from germany and I hope I can learn a few things from you guys. I started gymnastics, when I was 21; I know, its like superlate but I'm trying my best ^^ I'm here because we don have a gymnast-Forum in germany, my coach isn't the best and I'm far away from...

    Aspire 1 jump series

    Hi. I am reading the requirements for aspire ine program. the floor, it seems like we need one switch leap, one jump that starts with both feet and a series of 2 jumps Can anyone help me out with this ? From what inderstand: 1 jump that can be mixed at the end of an acrobatic movement as...
  12. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Does a fouetté hop/jump count for split requirements on beam?

    Assuming the split is actually at the right angle, can you get SR credit for doing this? And adding on, would a fouette hop to a wolf hop work as a jump series? ex to minus the full
  13. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Connecting jump series

    Hey everyone. I've been wondering about connecting a jump series. So I've seen two ways: Swinging through and also (around 0:14) Swinging back (The girl in the second video got a 9.5) So anyway. I've heard that you lose the connection if you do what the second girl did. Obviously she...
  14. skschlag

    MAG Jump to prone?

    I had a fellow gym mom ask me this, as she has gotten conflicting answers... In L8 and JD, is a jump to prone allowed on floor? And by allowed, I mean, will the gymnast be deducted for doing one? @krc, @dunno
  15. F

    For Coaches Wolf jump

    We are currently debating the correct body position for a wolf jump. Should the bent leg be at a 90 degree angle or tuck under towards buttocks ? The USAG dance tech isn't very specific. Thx.
  16. vans2

    WAG Tips, stretches, drills to straighten back leg on beam split jump

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had drills or stretches etc to help straighten out my DDs back leg on her beam split jump. She's lvl 5 and seems to always have a bent back leg. The coaches tell her to just straighten it but she can't. She's a very strong, powerhouse gymnast, but not...
  17. G

    WAG Embarking on a hours jump - stress fracture/apophysitis prevention

    There is a group of girls at our gym who will be seeing a significant hours jump when the go back to "school schedule". (16 hours to 25 hours) The coaches are confident that the girls can handle it. With my mom hat on, I worry about sleep, school and staying healthy. With my medical hat on, I...
  18. Jasmynn

    For Coaches Child that can't jump.

    I have a very determined child that just cannot get off of the floor. She's competing excel bronze. All of the other girls are doing leap to split or straddle jump. I have her doing leap bc it is required and leg swing hop. She is unable to get off one floor for both. Same with vault. We...
  19. SweetSecrets15

    For Coaches Drills to get beginners to jump on beam

    So I've been helping teach a beginners class since April and week after week the girls jumps on beam haven't changed. I'm finally taking over the class and really want to help them improve. I know they are scared, but they are literally jumping one cm off the beam. I was just curious if they're...
  20. J

    WAG jump

    whats the jump that looks like a spit leap with the front leg bent?