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  1. jenjean70

    MAG Mock Meet as a new optional in the books!

    DS had his mock meet for level 8 today and I think it went well. His warm up tumbling on floor looked really good but when he did the routine he got winded and lost his concentration on the whip half barani ( a pass he's been struggling with) and fell and then fell on the double full right after...
  2. kitkat

    Mock Meet competition under the belt...

    Well.... she hasn't competed since May 2015.(except one bar routine while she was hurt)...and we both got through our first meet.....we were fortunate to have a mock meet today. I am not sure who was more nervous - her or me. Her coach kept out a few skills that are just not competition ready...
  3. G

    WAG Funny moment at the mock meet.

    We had a mock meet today at our gym and another gym came and competed too. After each event the girls went to the judges and they went over their scores and gave them corrections. Now Ava is a common name these days... I have two in my level 3 group who we jokingly call "angel Ava" and "evil...
  4. S

    Mock Meet complete

    It's just a mock meet but I wanted to share anyway. DD's scores were an 8.4 on beam (fall, 5th place), an 8.7 on bars (nailed her dismount, 1st place), an 8.7 on floor (4th place), and a 9.4 on vault (T-1st place). She was 3rd all around and her team came in second place. She was very...
  5. 2

    Mock meet and first real meet ever!

    We need some good luck fairies for my little dd (6)! She has her mock meet Wednesday night and her first real meet on Saturday. She cracks me up because she asked me what it means to be nervous. So I asked her why and she said everyone keeps asking her if she is nervous and she wasn't sure...
  6. P

    DD's Level 6 Mock Meet results (1st meet of the season in 2 days)

    Hi, just wanted to post the results of DDs mock meet today. I am extremely proud of her and for the beginning of the season did fantastic. This looks to me a great indicator of what, I feel, will be another "kick butt" season! :D Vault - 9.4 Bars - 8.9 (took a fifth off cuz something about her...
  7. MdGymMom01

    Dani's Mock Meet :) + Video

    Dani's team just had a mock meet. Went very well and gave the new kids a chance to see what the meets will be like. Everyone had a great time--great group of kids!! Here is the video I put together of Dani's routines.
  8. D

    mock meet today !! wish me luck

    My mock meet is today and im a bit nervous . And i hope i do good wish me luck :floor:
  9. D

    Do they give you a score at a mock meet ?

    I have a mock meet in three days and i was just wondering if any body knew if they give you a score when you are showing them your routines any advice ?
  10. D

    Whats a mock meet ?

    I dont really know what a mock meet is . I have a mock meet coming up In 18 days . And I just started team so I dont really know what it is. Am I suppose to wear my competition leotard ? And What am i suppose to do with my hair ? Do I have to Do a hair style ? Any Advice ?
  11. NewtoGym

    First Mock Meet - Oy vay! lol

    Well the meet was this afternoon and was very interesting! Vault went well, then bars went pretty good. She actually got the stride circle for the first time in warm ups, but was not able to do it after that. Beam went ok considering she is pretty nervous after her fall a few weeks ago and I...
  12. kristilyn73

    For Parents Mock Meet Report

    Thank goodness that is over with!! I KNOW I was more nervous than she was! First Beetle was angry because we got stuck in traffic, our gym is close to the big retail district in town, well... Friday afternoon in December? Everyone was heading to the Mall and Target! Onto the meet. Vault -...
  13. kristilyn73

    Judges Mock Meet

    Beetle is having her Judges Mock Meet tomorrow night. Her ankle is holding up. Looks like she will compete Vault, Bars & Floor. No beam because she can't use her brace or tape on the beam (gym rules). I think she will do fine! I think I need the luck to be calm and cool about the ankle!
  14. C

    For Parents Beth's mock meet

    Not the intrasquad--with real judges (that's New Year's Eve), but just with her coaches judging--anyway, it was Saturday. We were not allowed to watch (told by Beth, not the coaches LOL!). With Beth being so stressed, I was a little concerned, but it went well! She did not fall on beam (her...
  15. mtbmom

    For Parents Mock Meet Report - Mtbmom & NettyinPA

    Hi All, Well we had our mock meet. Netty's DD is level 6, mine is level 5. Well.... Kay was AMAZING!!! :jaw-dropping: Apparently, she's one of those kids who seems to struggle in practice and then is flying for competition. It was fantastic to see her finally do well. Last year she...
  16. Gymgrl111

    Mock Meet on Saturday!

    Well, like it says on the title I will be in a mock meet this Sat. I am nervous, b/c this is is my first meet ever. So some words of incouragement from the experienced peoples out there would be nice!! i will keep ya'll updated!!
  17. kristilyn73

    For Parents Mock Meet Compete!!

    We are breathing easier up in the tundra! LOL. The meet ran capital cup, with the L7's going first. When the L7's were talking to the judge the L8's & L10's warmed up. Then while the L8's and L10's went the L7's would warm up the next event. It was run very well we were done in just over 2...
  18. kristilyn73

    Mock Meet Tomorrow...

    Beetle's Judges Mock meet is tomorrow. She is feeling pretty good. Did 3 full bar routines today one of them she didnt tap her feet and nailed her cast to handstand (So she says). She hopes that Bar Fairy is with her tomorrow - and the "SET UP" Fairy, front tuck through to full twists have...
  19. M

    For Parents Mock meet

    Bug had her mock meet a couple of weeks ago and I finally posted it to You Tube. Check it out. YouTube - Level 4 Gymnastics Mock Meet Hey Bog thanks for the comments already. Barb
  20. P

    For Parents mock meet

    Does your gym have a mock meet before competition season starts? Are the parents allowed to watch? I was just wondering this is new to me our gym is having one and I assumed we would be able to come and watch but I was wrong - no spectators. Is this normal practice for mock meets?