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  1. D

    WAG Ready for level 10?

    My DD has just turned 13 and did 1 year of level 9. Her coaches want to put her in level 10 for this coming competition season which for us starts in late February. I personally don't think she is ready. Here are the skills that she has or almost has! Beam: bhs layout series, aerial, side...
  2. G

    For Coaches Featured Do we need pit for level 9 and level 10

    My DD feels very comfortable staying a small gym without pit. She is practicing level 9 skills . I am worried about their facility has no pit , how much this wud affect the learning new skills of level 9 and level 10?
  3. G

    For Parents Level 10, college gymnastics team recruiting

    I am thinking about how college recruiting gymnast. Besides competing on level 10, what average scores of level 10 competition are the minimum scores to be considered on the D1 college team in general?
  4. D

    WAG Level 10 vault start value question

    Does anyone know what a front handspring front pike vault is worth in JO? I am talking about running and hitting the table like for a level seven front handspring and then doing the pike out of it….not doing an extra front handspring onto the springboard and then doing the front pike. (I know...
  5. F

    WAG Level 10 beam mount downgraded

    My daughters beam mount just got downgraded from a D to a C... In the grand scheme of things, how does that effect her start value for beam?
  6. D

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. I need the bonus value of a switch leap, split jump, split full vs a tourjete half, beat jump, split full. Which one would give more bonus? My daughter thinks it would be the latter, because it’s an E,A,E vs a C, C, E. Anyone?
  7. L

    WAG Level 10 Beam series?

    My daughter has done bhs layout stepout for the past few years as her series. She has some issues with her hip joint. The series is pretty painful, so in order to pull it off, she isn't using the best technique. Her back knee is very bent on the layout stepout because of the way she is...
  8. D

    WAG Anyone know the start value for a tuck full yurchenko vault in level 10?

    …not sure if it is 9.7, 9.8, or 10.0 Thanks!
  9. T

    WAG Level 10 parents - need some happy stories

    Ok without typing 2 pages of backstory. Need some pick me up stories from level 10 parents about having literally a disaster first year but coming out on the other side in the end for another year. She is not a young gymnast so next year would be her last. Talent is there the pieces just...
  10. L

    WAG Mobility score for level 10

    Is the mobility score to go from level 9 to level 10 a 34 or 35? A friend of mine with high school aged daughter is trying to find info. We were wondering if the requirement changed in 2022?
  11. G

    WAG beam level 10

    if a level 10 misses their connection on their ACRO series on beam what is the deduction, or what would their start value be, if they met all other requirements. Is it a .5 deduction like a fall, or is it more than 5 tenths?
  12. gymnast0812

    WAG Level 10 Beam Question

    I’m a level 10 and am wondering about beam start values. Currently I’m doing a bhs-bt series, side aerial, back tuck, switch leap + straddle 1/4, straddle 3/4, and a layout gainer 1/1 dismount. My coaches took out one connection to avoid deductions but I’m curious about my SV now. Also, what is...
  13. Daphne Banks

    For Parents College club gym options for a level 10?

    My daughter hopes to do college gym. I am also hoping she will pick the best school for her academically. To broaden the college search, I am wondering if there are any (and which) club teams would be a fit for a level 10 JO gymnast? She is not in need of a scholarship. She is a very strong STEM...
  14. D

    WAG Start value question, Level 10 bars

    My friend had a question about her daughter's start value on bars. She is working jaeger but it's not ready. Current routine is jump to high bar, kip cast to hs, pac, pirouette right into toe hecht, kip cast to handstand, giant giant, full out dismount. I say it's 9.9 They *think* it's 10.0...
  15. M

    For Parents Level 10

    I know there was a thread about first year level 10 last year.. so I thought I'd see if anyone had an update to post? If your daughter was trying for level 10 last year, did they end up competing it? If so, how was it? If not, will they be trying for it this year? If next season will be their...
  16. JBS

    WAG Level 10 Developmental Nationals

    How did everyone do at Nationals in Daytona? I have to say we had a blast. We were completely busy the entire time. Wish we would have stayed another day or two. We did the Richard Petty NASCAR ride along experience at Daytona Speedway. We ate at a cool historic restaurant that was right on...
  17. twocurlygirlz

    WAG Level 10 Nationals- Age Brackets?

    Anyone have intel on when these will be out- in year's past its generally around this time in March....
  18. G

    WAG Level 10?

    Hi, I'm currently a level 5/6 gymnast and I'm a freshman in high school. My dream is to be a collegiate gymnast, or to reach level 9/10 before I graduate high school. I was told by my coaches that I can move up to Level 7 next summer. (Before sophomore year) Once I reach that level, I will be...
  19. F

    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Hello everyone, I thought i would start a thread that is not talking about Covid-19 or sadly banned coaches. So here i am wondering what are typical routines done by 1st year level 10's? I do know that this can vary, i just thought it might be fun to actually talk gymnastics skill right now to...
  20. best_man

    MAG What are the required skills for Level 10 in MAG?

    Hello. I'm not a gymnast, nor do I have very much knowledge of gymnastics, which is why I'm here! I'm a writer, and am writing a story with a gymnast as the main character, and I was trying to find REQUIRED skills for a Level 10 men's gymnast. I was able to find a PDF of required skills for WAG...