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  1. cassafrass

    WAG Bonus for Xcel Gold?

    I was chatting with som e moms at the gym and they were talking about 2/10th added for certain bonus skills. I never heard of this for Gold. True or what could they be talking about?
  2. momofthreegirls

    For Coaches Dance/Leap Passes for Xcel Gold

    My DD just completed the first half of her season as a level 5, and will finish the remainder of the season as an Xcel Gold. She just learned her choreography this week, and her dance pass is split leap, split leap. I have looked at the requirements for an Xcel Gold floor routine, and the way...
  3. GymRays

    For Coaches Xcel gold floor tumbling pass ideas

    Hello. I'm new this season to Xcel. I have a gymnast that is gold. Her tumbling is a big struggle for her. Her first pass is a ROBHS. My hang up is her 2nd pass. Her front handspring is very weak so a front tumble pass is kinda out till we fix it. She doesn't have an aerial, and her front salto...
  4. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Xcel gold instead of compulsories?

    Since I'm still fairly new to all this, I'd appreciate any opinions! We had a meeting tonight and HC is having the new girls on the team do Xcel gold then eventually score out of 4/5 then go to either 6 or 7. Is this common? DD did two meets at level 3 while on the pre-team this spring and now...
  5. Libby's gym mom

    Gold !! Silver !! Bronze !!

    Woohoo , well done fragapane , Harold, whelan .... What an exciting night !!
  6. Libby's gym mom

    Gold !!

    Woohoo well done England , especially kristian my local lad and well done Scotland !! Woohoo team GB
  7. A

    Gold Coast Clubs Advice

    Hello everyone! My son and I will be moving back to the Gold Coast from Canada in about 6 months time. He used to do recreational in both Superperformance Center and Gold Coast Gymnastics, and when we moved to Canada last year he was invited to join the PreCompetitive Team. Now that we are...
  8. A

    WAG Xcel gold bars

    I recently competed last week and my coaches decided to change my bar routine a bit. I was wondering if this is enough for xcel gold because it is really short. So it's pullover (hopefully a kip I am so close I think I will be able to get it by the 25th -my next meet), back hip circle, squat on...
  9. G

    WAG Excel Gold Regionals

    Does anyone know what the qualifications have to be for Excel Gold Regionals? Is it the top 3 that go or is it a score you need to attain?
  10. Canadian_gym_mom

    HA! My dd won gold on tramp today at 3rd qualifier!

    And I say HA only because she wasn't going to compete tramp this year, but had a change of heart. Last year she was consistently middle to bottom of the pack. Last qualifier she was 3rd and this time she won! Happy shocker! She also placed 3rd on Double mini, which was the opposite kind of...
  11. J

    For Coaches Prep Opt-Excel Gold

    Hi, I had a quick question that I am hoping you can answer for us. We have had several issues at our gym with girls doing skills that are above level and getting deductions for them and I wanted to make sure this is not happening to my daughter. She is in Excel (Prep Opt) Gold --Region...
  12. J

    WAG Mobility score to move from Xcel Gold to new level 6 next year

    Does anybody know if there will be a mobility score to move from Xcel Gold to the new level 6 next year? If so, what is that score?
  13. J

    For Coaches Question about skills allowed in Prep Opt Excel Gold

    Hello, Thanks for your expertise and time in responding to these questions. Our daughter is competing at the Prep Opt./Excel Gold level and we have some concerns that some of the skills she is doing are not allowed and she might be getting points deducted. This has happened several times with...
  14. JBS

    OT Gymnastike Gold subscription prices?...$19.97/month

    Is anyone subscribing to Gymnastike Gold? How many new videos do they come out with each month? Is it worth the money?
  15. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Floor Tumbling Requirements

    I'm in Xcel Gold and I was looking at the requirements for our floor routines. Our coach told us that it would be fine to have our first tumbling pass as a robhs and the second a front hs. The requirement says "1. 1 acro connection min two flight elements." Wouldn't that mean robhsbhs or robhs...
  16. H

    Women's Gymnastics Good As Gold!

    In honor of the Team USA Women's dymnastics team, I created a collection of photos, videos, and articles using Fandrop. Tell me what you think and offer some suggestions. Cheers!
  17. froggythegymnast

    Good gymnastics videos like "gold medal gymnastics by amanda borden" is it worth it??

    Is it worth to buy the videos or is there a site that you could get them cheaper or even free?
  18. gymmomntc2e6

    first Xcel Gold meet is in the books

    DD had her first Gold meet today and she did wonderful. so proud of her. she had two worries going into the meet. one, getting over the vault table. two, she wouldn't have floor music (last practice the cd was acting screwy in the computer & saying file not found). I assured her that she would...
  19. 2

    First Gold Medal for Little DD

    What a great weekend! We had our second compulsory meet and little dd had a pretty good day! First was vault and if you remember, she is barely taller than the vault mat and we literally weren't sure if she would make it over at the first meet. Well, somewhere in the past couple weeks she has...
  20. E

    LSU Purple and Gold Meet-what an experience

    I posted about the actual weekend on the parent section but thought I would say some stuff here. :) What a great experience and well run meet! The judges were amazing. They smiled at all the girls and didn't look all sour like the ones in our home state do most of the time. :) They interacted...