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  1. G

    Optional Floor Routine

    Do most optional gymnast change their music and floor choreograph every year even if they are repeating level 7 or 8. Is it common to carry the same song and choreograph into the next season. Just wondering how that works.
  2. C

    Parents Optional Floor Music

    Well as many who post here know my DD moved to level 7 after the states in March. Her and her teammates are picking floor music as well as practicing the new skills for level 7. DD has chosen Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter and it sooooo fits her and she loves it. I can hardly wait for...
  3. gym monkeys mom

    Optional USAG Changes for 09-13

    So I am curious if anyone knows the rationale for taking "C" skills out of Level 8 except for dance elements and a few bar skills. I really have no opinion either way I was curious. My DD is bummed she has some "C" skills she has been working on and will not be able to do them at level 8. I...
  4. M

    Parents calling all optional moms and others- competition readiness?

    my daughter, just had her first level 8 meet. Prior to this she had some lower leg issues and for several weeks, didn't tumble on the floor (just did the dance part of her routine) and tumbled on the tumble track. There was a question as to if she would compete floor. On the monday before...
  5. gymnast4life1032

    Second part of "Optional Meet"

    Ok so as you already know I am going to be in a charity Christmas meet. I found out more about it today. A really great thing is the arena that we are going to be preforming at, the owner said that we didn't have to pay for us to be there as long as he gets to come with his family. Is that not...
  6. gymnast4life1032

    Optional Meet

    Ok so every year, during the month of December my gym has this charity opitional meet. We have this meet around Chirstmas because it is the season of giving, and my gym likes to give to the kids that do not get the toys that we had when we were yonger. ( I am so happy to be in level 8 this year...
  7. G

    Prep Optional

    Couple of questions about Prep Optional? If a girl switches to prep optional are her chances of a college scholarship hurt. I guess my questions is, will college programs look at girls out of prep optional are do you have to stay in the JO Program Level 9-10 deal to be looked at. We know of...
  8. G

    Choreograph Optional Floor Routine

    We have a small optional team, 1 or 2 girls, if one coach takes a special interest and uses her artistic talent and time to choreograph a floor routine; should the coach be paid extra for this choreograph or is this just part of the job. How is this handled at other gyms? One other questions...
  9. L

    Rec Optional and USAG Level 7 question

    I have a question on how Rec Optional can fit into possibly advancing into L7 (USAG) if at all. So my question is: Can you use a Rec Opt Advanced meet as some sort of qualifier for Optional L7 (USAG)? If it is a dumb question my apologies in advance!:confused:
  10. U

    OT Optional and Team Leo And Colors

    Hey every1. What is ur team color???:D Do ur optionals wear different leos, or different colors???:confused: