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  1. M

    WAG L10 Beam Dismount

    My daughter has had trouble doing twisting skills. I think she learned to do arabians first at her former gym. So when she was being trained for fulls shortly thereafter, she was twisting very early and getting lost in the air. In addition, I think she was rushed into doing fulls for TOPs and...
  2. Ali'sMom

    WAG L3 Beam Dismount question

    I'm still very new here, and still feel new to the whole gym thing (DD just finished 2nd year competing, she's in 5th grade), and I always have what I think are stupid questions, so I don't ask at the gym, etc. Anyway, I figured I could ask you fine folks :) Does anyone have any tips to...
  3. G

    WAG Toe one front bar dismount

    Hello everyone I have been working on toe on front dismounts for a few months now and it is pretty good but I am just stuck. Right before I land on the ground I open up and land feet first then onto my butt. This happens every time. Whenever I do it into the pit it's fine but then I go onto a...
  4. amblan01

    (Rainbow) shoot through dismount on bars

    Sometimes I just go straight down. Last practice I started getting a pretty good rainbow which was motivating because before then I couldn't do it. I'm 5ft tall and one of the tallest in level 1. I'm 14 also which means I'm old. Any tips?
  5. R

    Parents Beam dismount?

    Dd1 has been working on a front walkover off our footstool at home (which i try to stop her doing, as I dont like her doing that sort of thing at home) and at gym last night she did it off the beam - so she goes into a handstand at the end of the beam, arches over and lands on her feet. Is this...
  6. G

    WAG Other level 6 bars dismount option?

    I know you can of course do a flyaway. Out of pure curiosity I thought I had seen a second option for a level 6 bars dismount? Does anyone know what this is?
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Swing 1/2 turn dismount (girls level 4 bars)

    I have two girls who generally have very strong bars but can't get the dismount to turn quick enough. They start the turn at the right time, but they turn so slowly that they can't properly finish the turn at the top of the swing. Thoughts/suggestions/drills?
  8. htimcj

    WAG Level 5, 6 7 bar dismount

    So after looking at the level 5 bar routine and reading the requirements for level 6 and 7, what dismount would most L6s do? L5 does a flyaway, L6 requires only a min of an A dismount so from my understanding would be you would not have to do the flyaway and then L7 says the dismount with a...
  9. Nicolegymnast101

    WAG Layout dismount.

    I have a fear of do a layout dismount on beam. I always tuck. Does anyone know how to fix this?!
  10. Flipomaniak

    WAG Piking double layout dismount!

    So I'm working double lay out off bars and its not working so well. They look like open double pikes and my form is nice and all but it's not layed out! How can I open up my hips? I'm like in an over hollow... Please help! Thanks!
  11. I

    WAG Double layout beam dismount

    Catalina Ponor training a double layout off beam!! Catalina Ponor training Double Layout Dismount of Beam - YouTube
  12. D

    WAG Level 6 Bars Dismount

    Ok, so the dismount for L6 bars is a tuck fly away...and gymnasts can do a layout fly away if they choose. No difference in scoring. So my daughter got her tuck fly away back in October. Perfect since her first meet was in Early December. BUT her coaches have made the decision that ALL of the...
  13. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Bars Q: When they change from low to high or do a dismount

    And the bar they let go of kind of does a twingy-vibrating thing... is that a deduction? Just watched something and curious.
  14. V

    WAG L7 Scoring - Lunge Landing and Bar Dismount

    In my effort to learn this new L7 world, I am curious about a couple items that impact scoring. On floor - if you land a tumbling pass and then immediately go to a lunge position, is that considered a step? DD says it's not, and it may just be something for optionals. Second, one of the other...
  15. G

    Parents Level 6 Beam Dismount (Not Holding First Handstand Long Enough)

    My daughter's first Level 6 meet is coming up soon, and she is struggling w/ holding the regular handstand at the start of the beam dismount long enough...she is just going right from the first handstand to the side handstand (then twists down from there)...her hands place correctly for it all...
  16. K

    Parents level 5 bar dismount

    I have a question about the level 5 dismount on bars. My daughter has been told different things by her different coaches, and I was curious what the "correct" answer to her question is. She turns to her left when dismounting. What are her hands supposed to do? First her right hand. One...
  17. d0nut_l0ver

    Flying Off the Bar During Level 5 Dismount!

    I did my Level 5 dismount for the first time ever 2 years ago at camp. I did it onto a mat and I landed it! :D So, last gymnastics class, when they told us we were going to begin practicing Level 5 dismounts over the pit, I was excited. They taught us how to do them, and then set up stations...
  18. gymgirl1996

    Splits and Dismount

    Ok, so I've been trying to do my middle splits for over 12 years and I just can't seem to do them. I do all the stretches I found online and my coaches told us, but I've only made a 1/2 inch of progress the whole summer. It frustrates me because my other splits came so easily. I also need to...
  19. E

    Back tuck beam dismount!!!

    hehe im so happy! i went into the gym tonight, and i was determined to get my back tuck dismount, despite never trying it in my life :b so i got a couple spots and then i did it! off of the high beam! lol just so pumped right now. i just cant believe i have a new competition dismount! i have...
  20. E

    back tuck beam dismount tips?!?

    Okay so im getting sick of front tucks off of the beam (ugh sooo annoying.) so tonight in gym im starting a back tuck dismount :) so i was wondering if any of you EPIC people have any tips on how to do it?! thanks so much :) <3