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  1. T

    WAG help with front layout after learning twisting

    My daughter has been working hard on her front full and now has it consistently however she now can not do a front layout - she twists every time she tries. She is so frustrated because she needs a front layout for one of her tumbling passes. She is level 9. Any tips? Her coach has not been...
  2. lime-gymnast

    WAG Layout flyaway mental block

    I’ve perfected my layout flyaway and have even started to do cast handstand layouts on the pit bar, but I started to flip before I let go of the bar and developed a mental block after bailing twice at a practice. My coach told me to work on something different for now but every time I think of...
  3. lime-gymnast

    WAG Layout flyaway mental block

    I’m in a relaxed gymnastics competitive program. I’ve been competing for about a year and a half and have been in the sport for 3 years and a half. This program is laid back and our team is 10-15 (age) and very wide range of skill, but most of us are working on kips and cartwheels on beam, front...
  4. G

    For Parents Front handspring front layout front tuck vs punch layout front tuck

    Can anyone tell me if a front handspring front layout front tuck has a different /same value than a punch layout front tuck?
  5. gymgal

    WAG Judges : what value is a front toss layout on beam? Video enclosed

    Just a public video, not my dd. She is looking for the college value but JO would help as well - if its the same value as a regular front toss in JO, then likely same for college
  6. F

    WAG front layout shaping

    I've noticed that many girls tend to have pike-y front layouts where they pike in the beginning and then whip their legs over. Any tips or drills to avoid this?
  7. Floragym

    Back layout drills

    I’m looking for some drills to improve my back layout because it’s not the best and I really want it to be better. One of the main problems is that Im not getting my hips all the way around and throwing my head back at the beginning of my layout.
  8. M

    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    How hard do you think it is to move from a Yurchenko pike to a Yurchenko layout? From an outsider's perspective, it doesn't seem that much different, but it is the one skill that dd hasn't got yet, and from what she has told me, none of the other level 9s are quite there yet either. She had a...
  9. Kaylee_gymnast22

    WAG Yurchenko layout

    I have been doing yurchencos for several years and have been practicing the layout for several years as well. I can't seem to get the rotation or the height to even consider landing it. I have tried multiple drills and trying to make my entrance onto the table faster, but it still is slow and I...
  10. C

    For Parents Help for level 8 front tuck -front pike/layout connection

    Hi, my daughter is competing level 8 this year and she is really struggling with her front tuck front pike on floor. Her front tuck is nice and so is her front handsping-front pike. When she does the first front tuck though it seems like she just gets no “rebound” for the second one, so the...
  11. F

    WAG Deductions for Open Pike vs. Layout

    Quick question how do judges look at deductions for level 9 and 10 if your kids does and open pike vs a layout on bars and vault? Would it be better to do a pike or layout instead of open?
  12. G

    Back Layout Tips & Diving

    Okay, so I have two questions... 1. I have been doing back tucks for a bit now at gymnastics practice. Lately, I’ve been focusing on spotting and it has gotten really good. I’ve had no experience whatsoever working layouts of any kind. Now, my diving coach (I do diving as well) would like...
  13. D

    Back layout help

    I’m currently learning how to do a back layout and I have it pretty good on the tumble trak but when it comes to doing it on the rod floor I always pike or tuck out of my layout because I get scared that I don’t set high enough even though I have a very high set. Any tips to help me get through...
  14. JBS

    WAG Trinity Thomas 2.5 Twist To Double Layout

    Crazy pass here... Trinity Thomas 2 1/2 twist step out to double layout...
  15. M

    WAG Layout step out on beam question...

    Is there a deduction for lack of arch on a layout step out on beam? I have seen this skill two ways like this at 6:15 and Which one is the "correct" way to do it? Im confused Thanks!
  16. JBS

    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    NOTE: This conversation was split out of the following thread... ------------------------------ For boys it's much easier compared to girls... bar height and lack of a low bar are major.
  17. G

    Back Handspring Layout step-out on beam

    Hi! My name is Leia, I am a level 9 gymnast and I have been having trouble on my beam series and I don't know what to do? I feel like I start over everyday when I get to beam and I don't feel confident... I competed a back handspring back handspring last year and my series is new this year (bhs...
  18. Y

    WAG How much harder to go from yurchenko tuck to pike to layout?

    hi, my daughter had a successful level 8 season despite her wrist problems in the beginning of the season. She scored a 9.275 on her vault at regionals and has been pretty much getting that score since the beginning of the season. At one point her coach was going to teach her the yurchenko pike...
  19. M

    WAG tuck to layout

    How long does it usually take a gymnast with a nice RO BH BT to get to RO BH BL if they know how to do a Layout on trampoline? To me, it feels like once you know the shape of a layout it is easier to control than a tuck, but you need so much more power and really need to have a strong RO BH...
  20. Aero

    For Coaches Teaching the flyaway: layout, or tuck?

    Hi friends! I'm starting to teach one of my girls how to do a flyaway. She's the only one who can kip so far, so I feel she is ready. We are going through the beginning drills, such as candle flips, sighting something with the eyes and tapping to that spot, getting her toes to that visual marker...