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  1. T

    WAG *Proud Parent Alert* 9.950 Vault @ Level 10 States

    DD just finished her first level 10 States meet. She competed a Double twisting Yurechenko (start value is 10.1) and scored a 9.950 which was the highest score at Norcal states. Super proud of how far she's come from her 1st season of level 8 when her Yurechenko were so scary that the...
  2. T

    WAG Level 10 vault start values

    was curious about vault start values. A Yurchenko 3/2 has a 10.1 SV compared to a full. Shouldn't a double have a higher SV given that is is more difficult than a 3/2?
  3. G

    WAG Level 10 Junior or Senior Division 2017?

    Would a Level 10 gymnast whose birthdate is October 2001 compete in the Junior division or the Senior division in 2017? I was under the impression that if they were turning 16 prior to 12-31-17 that they would have to compete all of 2017 as a senior. A gymnast recently competed at three meets...
  4. F

    WAG Level 10 before college?

    I'm 17 and only at level 7. I could go on to college in 2018 like I would normally do... Or I could do a gap year and try to be a level 10 before college, which is extremely unlikely. It would mean that I would have to compete both level 8 and 9 next year, and I'm barely ready to compete 7 now...
  5. GymBeeMom

    Parents New level 10

    I am in awe that she made it to Level 10 and now I'm so nervous for her to actually compete it in a few weeks. It feels like she was just one of the little girls staring at the big girls-and...POOF...here she is a big girl! As a first year level 10, my hope is for a safe season with a good bit...
  6. G

    WAG Level 10 floor routine

    I am trying to determine the start value of a floor routine for level 10. The skills are round off back handspring double back (or double pike), switch ring to switch side, front layout to front pike, 1 1/2 turn, and round off 1 1/2 to front layout. Can you please explain the value and the bonus...
  7. G

    WAG How do I join Level 10 social group?

    How do I join Level 10 social group?
  8. G

    WAG Level 10 Vault Help!

    hello, My daughter is in her first year of L10. She was successful and just wrapped up Regionals. Moving forward, she needs to have a L10 Vault with a Start Value at 10.0. She has been doing yurchenko layouts. She is a tiny gymnast though only weighing 76 pounds. So the yurchenko entry...
  9. M

    WAG Level 10 bar routine-"pinging" off bars

    My daughter is pinging off the bars right before she goes into her piked jeager. This started happening recently. During the summer and beginning of the season, she was catching her jeager quite regularly and did not ping off the bars at all. She was injured right around her first meet of the...
  10. C

    WAG Level 10 Regionals - Filling empty spots for nationals?

    I noticed that after the Level 10 Region 2 regionals, there were a lot of slots open for nationals. For instance SR A had only 2 girls, leaving 5 spots. Also, there were spots in almost all of the age groups. How do they fill those? My dd has over 30+ in her age group. Any chance they pull from...
  11. L

    WAG FINALLY 4 for 4 Level 10 Sophia

    WOW...a girl who I moved across the country, who never had a meet without a fall since level 8 has done it...4 for 4 and two days in a row! Never gotten and AA score above 36 and broke 38. So very proud of this kid.
  12. G

    WAG Level 10 Start Value

    I am trying to understand start value for Level 10. Here is an example floor routine: Front Layout-Front Rudy Switch Ring to Switch Side Front Layout-Front Pike 1 1/2 turn Roundoff-1 1/2 Can you explain how the start value would be calculated? Can you break it out? Thanks!
  13. L

    WAG Level 10 take 2 first meet report

    Sophia made it through with modified routines...she had pain in her big toe joint after hitting it about a week ago so her routines were modified to minimize impact and compensate for lack of power. All in all, lots to improve on but now just hoping her foot calms down so she can make it...
  14. S

    WAG Level 10 social group?

    Hi DOes anyone know how to join the Level 10 social group? I can't seem to figure it out! Thanks!
  15. ZJsMom

    MAG Level 10 vault

    Can anyone tell me how it works when the gymnast does two vaults? I have the bonus table, so I know what that is, but does the average of the two vaults go into his AA score, or just the first vault? Thanks!
  16. ZJsMom

    MAG Level 10 vault

    Can anyone tell me how it works when the gymnast does two vaults? I have the bonus table, so I know what that is, but does the average of the two vaults go into his AA score, or just the first vault? Thanks!
  17. D

    WAG the difference between level 10 and elite

    Bear in mind, my child is nowhere near either of these levels. But I read posts that talk about how girls stay at level 10 for 5 years...I am confused as to why they don't move on to elite and wondering what the differences are, as I know they must be big...I just don't get it. Do the gymnasts...
  18. L

    WAG First Level 10 Regionals Nationals Bound

    What a journey! Sophia made her first bar routine without a fall, survived beam and fell on her best event floor! But she held on and qualified to JO Nationals...so excited!
  19. M

    WAG Level 10 C dismount on beam

    We've had 3 girls in the past year tear their ACL and menicus in landing their twisting skills. This does not seem uncommon either as we've heard many sustain these injuries doing similar twisting skills. My daughter has decided she is removing her tumbling pass with a twisting skill. So she...
  20. L

    WAG Sophia Level 10 Iowa State Championships

    Finally a meet where bars were not first....3 good routines then BARS. Missed her blind half and didn't know what she should do to get back on track. Jumped down and started again and caught both releases but DARN bars! Off to regionals as part of the Iowa contingent! Few weeks to work on...