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  1. C

    WAG Technique on beam

    Hi all, My daughter is a level 9/10 gymnast tying to get to a solid level 10. We recently had to travel for a family issue and while we were away she trained at another gym. Some mastered some skills at the other gym and brought those skills back with her to her home gym. She had been struggling...
  2. D

    Brooklyn Moors Beam

    Do you think she was fairly scored on beam?
  3. gymgal

    WAG Judges : what value is a front toss layout on beam? Video enclosed

    Just a public video, not my dd. She is looking for the college value but JO would help as well - if its the same value as a regular front toss in JO, then likely same for college
  4. G

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    I have all skills for level 5 on beam except for back walkover. I know I can do it because I've done it exactly how you would on a beam except on a line. Everytime I go on the beam I get scared and don't go. Any ideas how I could get over this fear so that I can move up?
  5. Pirouette

    WAG Platinum beam - what would you score it?

    Dd18 (yes, turned 18 last month!) asked me to share this video in hopes you would critique and perhaps guess a score for her. She says thank you in advance!
  6. B

    Coaches Free (aerial) cartwheel to front support beam mount

    Hi I would like to teach the Free aerial cartwheel to support mount on beam... I was hoping someone would have some drill videos to assist with this please. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    WAG Grozdova beam 1987 music?

    Does anyone know what this music is in the background of Grozdova’s beam - I’m thinking it’s some 1970s film music?
  8. J

    WAG L10 beam -what are these skill values?

    Curious about L10 beam. First question is what is required in terms of skills / connections? Second question is: what is the value of a front aerial? And what about front aerial to scale? And does front aerial to scale, to side aerial get a connection bonus? and to be clear, my dd and her coach...
  9. CLgym

    Parents And another beam question

    My DD is a struggling L8. She just got her RO-BT beam dismount back (Yea! No more CW!) However, she recently swapped her single beam acro to a stand alone RO (weird, I know, but we are working with a lot of fears right now). She just asked me if she is "allowed" to do two ROs in her routine...
  10. spider_monkey

    Parents Moving forward with tumbling block on beam

    My dd is 12 and currently competing level 6. The past 2 seasons have been rough with unfortunate injuries, but this year she's finally injury-free. Unfortunately, past injuries have led to a backwards tumbling block on beam. She worked through some mental coaching over the summer, and was able...
  11. S

    WAG Question on level 6 beam requirements

    Hi, My daughter is a level 6 and in her beam routine she has a double back walkover series and and a separate back handspring. My question is sometimes she pauses between the 2 back walkovers. To get a 10 SV does she need both the series and the back handspring or just 1 or the other? The coach...
  12. T

    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    I have been trying to do some research on Level 8 beam and I am still quite confused about the requirements. Here is the routine... -Press handstand mount (held for 2 seconds) -bhs-bhs -switch leap -full turn -tuck jump flutter -front tuck dismount Would this routine be considered "up to level"...
  13. C

    Parents Quick beam series question

    Can anyone tell me how long a handstand needs to be held in a HS-BHS series? My kid is repeating 7 for what is left of this season after training for 8 all year (then getting injured), so she plans to compete a BHS-BHS that she had planned for 8, but will use a HS-BHS as a back up. I noticed...
  14. MommaBear

    Parents Beam dsmount

    I was told my daughter is being taught the incorrect way to do her beam dismount. I've been looking online to see if I can find this information but I'm just finding what the deductions are. Can someone please inform me the correct way Level 6 is supposed to dismount the beam?
  15. CLgym

    Parents Quick beam connection credit question

    So, as those who read my recent “Hello Old Friends” thread know, my DD is having a rough time in the gym. Not surprisingly, this translated into a rough first meet today. DD has been struggling (fear) with her beam connection — the same one she has competed for more than a year — which could be...
  16. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Level 8 beam questions.

    I have a few questions about level 8 beam. First, my dd does a needle in her routine and it’s terrible..not 180 at all. She wants to take it out but says she needs to replace it with a dif “balance or flexibility” skill, is this true? Also, the jump/leap series, do they need 2 connected jumps or...
  17. K

    WAG Xcel Platinum Beam Series

    I am an adult competitive gymnast competing xcel platinum. Normally I compete BWO-BWO, but my lower back has been having some issues. I tried switching to HS-BWO but I am very inconsistent landing the HS square enough to connect (don't even get me started on cartwheels). I was wondering, could I...
  18. jsch12

    WAG Platinum beam requirements

    Hi, this is my first year as an xcel platinum gymnast, and i am confused about the requirements. can someone please tell he my routine meets the platinum beam requirements? - scissors mount - full turn - cw cw connection - twiddle jump split jump - front tuck dismount
  19. XcelGymnast_0

    WAG Xcel gold BWO BWO on beam

    I am currently a xcel gold I sort of my back walkover back walkover on the beam. I was wondering if you can compete a back walkover back walkover on beam in xcel gold. I probably won’t but I was just wondering if you can. thank you
  20. J

    WAG Level 7&8 Beam Jump/Leaps

    How does the scoring work for level 7&8 for jumps and leaps on beam. I think (?) there is a requirement for a 180 jump or leap. What if it is close to 180, but not quite? Say 160-170. Do you not get credit for the requirement and lose a lot of points? Or just get deducted a little for not...