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  1. E

    Coaches A coach wanting to excel in Xcel

    Hello. I am a retired gymnast who tried to leave gymnastics in my past. Ten years post-retirement, I find myself back in the gym (as a coach) and in the process of catching up on all the things I missed. Yes, I just learned about this newfangled "Xcel" program, which my gym offers. Aside from...
  2. A

    WAG Excel Gold

    What sort of skill level is the typical excel gold? I have a gymnast from the US who has asked for lessons and has said she is excel gold level. Just wonder where that will fit into my programs?
  3. 5

    Parents Excel -> JO transfer

    Hello, I know a similar topic has been discussed multiple times but I want to hear your opinions. My DD is at Bronze and she’s currently 10 yrs old. She had a very strong season this year since she’s been a 1st place in every competition she joined including the state competition and her avg...
  4. Tired.momma

    Parents JO to T&T or Excel

    DD is a 2nd year L4 who did not meet the mobility score to move to L5 (by tenths of a point). Now considering moving to T&T or excel. I don't know anything about those programs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  5. J

    Parents Coaching qualifications for an excel team of 13 girls

    Hi there I need you to this group and I’ve actually never even seen this website before tonight but it looks like it’s going to be a great resource for me going forward. My question is this my daughter has been doing gymnastics for a couple of years started at the age of seven and is now nine...
  6. Taylor Maltby

    WAG Inconsistent Excel Gold Vault

    So I am an Excel Gold gymnast and for some reason or not I have an inconsistent vault. We do front handsprings or a half on. My half on is actually pretty good and I am not worried about that, its just that my front handspring is not the best. I am just not understanding the concept of it I...
  7. S

    Parents Did the Excel requirements change for the 21-24 quad?

    Just wondering if Xcel will have the changes to the program that the number levels do.
  8. G

    excel gold dismount?

    hello, I am excel gold, and I don't know if I should compete a back handspring dismount or a roundoff back tuck dismount? please answer.
  9. P

    WAG average age in excel

    i am 11 (5th grade) in excel gold and i was wondering the average age for excel levels are excel bronze are in 2nd and 3rd grade are excel silvers are in 3rd - 4th grade excel golds range from age 9-18 ( one 4th grader two 5th graders most of the golds are in middle school around the age of 12...
  10. G

    WAG Excel score sheet?

    We are having an in house competition in two weeks. It's not gonna be a formal competition so we can't use the scoring software that's provided for the sanctioned meets by our federation. Does anyone have an excel scoring sheet that you would like to share? Compulsories should be easier but if...
  11. B

    WAG Excel vs Normal levels

    Is excel the same as normal levels? What is better to move up in for a 13 year old who would be in excel platinum but wants to work hard to get to college gymnastics?
  12. E

    New Excel Bronze Any Advice Appreciated

    hi all my daughter is starting excel bronze team she is practicing one per week for 3 hours I don’t k ow ifthat is enough time, I’d like to have more days even if the amount of hours are the same because this gym doesn’t want her to practice at home so i think only once a week is difficult to...
  13. LindyHopper

    Parents Am I the only (MS) Excel weirdo?

    So... I used to be a Master Certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Because of that I have gone nuts in Excel for Short Stack's meet results. There is the first tab, a worksheet, which has a table that keeps track of the level, date, name & location of each meet, along with her scores and...
  14. J

    WAG JO 4 vs Excel

    Hi, my 11 year old daughter competed USA level 4 gymnastics last year. She did not have a great season as she couldn't get the kip. She now has it, though it is a work in progress. She has her robhbt, working on her back layout, can do a front punch and an aerial, working on her front aerial...
  15. F

    Parents Diff between usaigc and excel and usag ?

    Wld gold usaigc be equal to what level of usag
  16. X

    Parents Excel Gold

    I'm so overwhelmed trying to pick floor music!!! Any suggestions??? It's for an 8 year old girl, Excel gold. She wants upbeat, energetic music. She likes Top 20 music....pop, hip hop, etc....
  17. GymDad9.9

    WAG Question About Excel

    I happened to be looking at the results of this weekend's Florida Excel Championships on mymeetscores (Props to getting those scores out in a timely fashion!) and noticed that some of the gyms had girls who had just competed in the state compulsory championships at the end of 2015 (Level 3 and 4...
  18. E

    Parents Help: Pressure to switch to Excel and leave compulsory track.. :(

    Hi all, I would love to hear your feedback about the situation we're in with my daughter. She's 9 1/2 and in Level 2 on the "pre-team" at our gym. She passed the beginner and intermediate rec classes within 10 months, and was promoted to the pre-team 6 months ago. Since she was 9 at the time...
  19. Avasmom

    Parents Levels vs. Excel

    My daughter is training for bronze excel but likely could compete level 3 if offered at our gym.(according to her coach) The coach feels like she is one of the best on the team and she started months after the other girls. How do levels compare to excel? Is level 3 like bronze and level 4 like...
  20. heartgym

    WAG Jo verses excel

    My DD loves Gymnastics and would like to do college gymnastics someday. Our gym is pushing excel program and is doing very little JO over the past year. I see many gyms are doing this. My question is is their a bad or good path to college? Does it matter if she goes JO or excel ? I have done...