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  1. C

    Judging Gymnastics 101

    :confused: Not sure if this is the right place to post this and I'm sure the moderators will move it if needed but in our region they just posted a workshop called Judging Gymnastics 101. It happens in about a months time and cost $50. its goes from 9am - 5:30 pm. i have been told by coaches...
  2. C

    Getting into judging

    Hey all, I'm interested in becoming a judge for multiple reasons, however after doing extensive research, I noticed that region 1 currently has no scheduled accreditation for California. I would like to get accredited before or very shortly after the next accredidation year starts. My questions...
  3. Kiwi

    Judging glide swings

    I am a beginner judge, with my first competition next weekend. I would just like some advice about judging glide swings. In steps 1 to 4 (like levels 1 to 4), the bar routine contains two or three glide swings on the low bar. Can other judges, or coaches, tell me what a good glide swing...
  4. L

    Parents Question on Judging of the "Better" Gymnasts

    Hi, at the meet this weekend a question was asked and I didn't know the answer... Do judges get to "know" certain gymnasts and score the "better" gymnasts more leniently? I might not be clear but that was the question... Any ideas?
  5. M

    Level 5 judging... what are they looking for?

    Hello, Just a quick question... we are new to usag and are a little confused as to what judges are looking for especially in level 5. It is obvious that form, presentation and body position are huge but our girls look just as good if not better than some gymnasts who are outscoring them. If...
  6. S

    Question about judging

    Well, I'm not sure that I gave this the correct title...but I wonder if, while judging is technically objective, any of you (judges in particular) find that it can be subjective when it comes to girls from gyms that are fast track/elite gyms in comparison to excellent gyms but ones that don't...
  7. F

    Help me practice judging (USAG women's L7/8)

    Hello all, I'm preparing to take my Level 7/8 women's gymnastics judging exam and was wondering if anyone would want to help me out by linking to or uploading videos of your gymmie (or yourself) competing Level 7 or 8 routines in the USAG system. Ideally, the score would be hidden or behind...
  8. shadow

    question about judging

    can a judge, judge their own girls at a meet? this past weekend, our girls were at a meet and a judge was judging the girls that went to the gym that she coaches at. The parents of our girls didn't seem to think that it was fair for her to do that. they asked me about it and im not sure on how...
  9. canadiangymnast_eh


    So last night my coach handed out these forms for a corse to become a judge. It got me thinking about it, and I am not sure if I should do it or not. I am only old enough to be a level 2 judge, but is it worth it? any pro's or con's? thoughts?
  10. H

    Some interest in Judging

    I've had some interest lately in getting into judging. Obviously, I know I would have a LOT to learn, but where would I go to find out more info on it or do you have to have a history of coaching to do it? If not, how do you get started?
  11. taylortumbles

    Coaches Judging

    Have any of you considered becoming a Judge? If so, anyone care to share their experiences?
  12. M

    The Judging Test

    Sorry everyone, I posted this earlier in the 'Gymnast' forum on accident. Alright, I'm studying to take the level 5/6 judging test in a little over a month. I've made some flash cards and all that good stuff. Didn't know if any of you had some advice of better ways to study or anything that...
  13. M

    Studying for Judging Test

    Alright, I'm studying to take the level 5/6 judging test in a little over a month. I've made some flash cards and all that good stuff. Didn't know if any of you had some advice of better ways to study or anything that may help. Thanks!:)
  14. C

    Vault Judging (yet again)

    We hosted a meet this weekend and all went well but I'm still confused by the vault is judged for the women's USAG program. I try to train the front handspring vault as if the vaulter plans on flipping someday be it a front front or tsuk. I coach a short preflight for a higher vault that...
  15. C

    Random judging makes teachin vault neary impossible

    I had 2 different meets this weekend. One was a high school meet one was a regular USAG prep opt and optionals meet. I have a couple of girls on my 2 high school teams that are very good vaulters. 4 of them have competed level 7 or higher and scored 9.5 or better on front handspring vaults...
  16. Tim_Dad

    Parents A Parents guide to understanding Gymnastics Judging.

    Over the last few weeks, I've read an increasing amount of questions on this and other boards regarding how judges "see things" and how things are scored from parents point of view. I have many of the same questions, if not more. But allow me to share what I've learned so far -from one parent to...
  17. marie83

    Judging Exam Tomorrow!

    Hi all, I have my 'club judge' exam tomorrow (basically this will qualify me to be the E panel judge - the nasty one who takes all the marks away! Although I am told at smaller competitions we may be required to be the D panel aswell!) It has been a pretty intense course, just 3 days long...
  18. 5

    level 6 judging

    My daughter is just beginning to compete L6, and many of the L7 parents and gymnasts are telling her the judging is significantly tougher, with lower scoring on every event. is this accurate, and any tips how to score higher?
  19. V

    Judging Women's Gymnastics in the state of NY

    Hi there, I am a new resident of New York. I moved here about 2 months ago from Virginia. I have been coaching competitive gymnastics in VA for over 6 years and was hoping to continue in NY. However, gyms in upstate NY and the need for competitive coaches seem to be little to none at the...
  20. M

    Olympic Judging

    It seems Shawn Johnson is suddenly not the golden girl. I don't get why at worlds and everywhere else for the last two years judges have scored her so well. She's been almost untouchable. I don't see too much of a difference in her performances. Now, suddenly, here at the Olympics, the judges...